Reseller Program

Updated to 3 December 2020


Our way of thinking is simple: provide all the information required for you to get the excellent shopping experience you’ve always hoped for. Through this philosophy and a large number of settlements, we have found a fantastic development driven by our large freelance affiliate system. Our partner organizations get access to world-class training, support and programming to enhance their auction business, and we are continually looking for top-notch competitors to join our expert partner system.

Affiliates are commercial elements that use us as a platform to present online closings to consumers. They are in charge of all parts of your business; from managing the requirements of state and government laws, to collecting and submitting sales expenses, to contracting and paying for shipping. Since these organizations are not operators or Bid and Buy establishments, they are not bound by sales or domain amounts and can work in your business when and where they wish.

Affiliates and resellers handle the closing procedure and are usually paid on a commission/fee basis that is established with the entity. They are in charge of building your supply lines and business connections, but we are always available to provide support where needed.

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